How to Set Up your Yotpo Review Integration

If you're a Yotpo user, you can use Swell to automatically reward customers when they write reviews!

To get started, just head over to the Earning Points section of your Swell account, and click on the "Start a New Campaign" button. Then, from the list of options, choose "Yotpo Review".

After entering how many points you'd like to give customers for each successful review completed, you'll notice that Swell then asks for your Yotpo API Key and Secret -- we need this information to connect to your account and receive updates from Yotpo as to which customers have completed reviews on your store's behalf.

To find your API Key and Secret, just head over to your Yotpo account, choose the Settings menu, and then click on "Store Settings" and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where it says "API Credentials". Your API Key will be entitled "App Key", and your API Secret will be entitled "Secret Key"!

Moving further down the list of options, you'll next have the option to select the particular types of reviews which you'd like to reward customers for:

There are three options you can select from when it comes to which types of reviews you'd like to reward:

  • Email After Purchase Only: This option only includes reviews written after a customer receives a Yotpo-generated Mail After Purchase (MAP).
  • Verified Buyers Only: Restricts point awards only to those customers who Yotpo is able to confirm have made a purchase.
  • All Reviews: Includes both Email After Purchase as well as Verified Buyers.

Finally, the remaining fields to consider before creating the Yotpo Review option are ones with which you're likely to be familiar:

In particular, we would recommend considering whether you'd like to adjust the "Maximum Times Completed Per User", or the total number of times a customer can earn points for a product review. Given that reviews are restricted to customers who have actually bought something from the store, however, you can be sure that Swell won't give points to customers who haven't actually purchased something!