Use the Newsletter Signup by itself

If you're interested in using Swell's Newsletter Signup Tool by itself, you simply need to take steps to disable the other features of Swell. 

First, disable any active ways in which your customers can earn points. You can do this in the Earning Points section of your Swell account -- in each panel which describes how customers can earn points, simply click on the Pause button. You may also click on the Delete button (which will appear once the Pause button is pressed), but you're not required to do so.

Second, make sure to disable any other items related to the rewards or referral program which appear by default on the site.

In particular, the "rewards popup", which appears by default, should be hidden so as to not confuse customers.

In the Rewards Popup section of your Swell account, click on the Customize Popup and Tab button, which will open an editor menu. In that menu, make sure to set both of the "Position" fields to Hidden. Don't forget to click on the Save button!

You can repeat the same process in the "Referral Program" section of Swell to make sure the "Refer friends" tab isn't visible on your site. 

Once these tabs are hidden and campaigns are paused, you'll be all set to use Swell's Newsletter signup tool by itself!