Premium Feature: Link to Rewards Popup from Site Menu

Swell's premium users have the option to add a link directly to the rewards popup from a variety of locations, including a site menu (e.g. a header). Please note that the link will not work if you are not subscribed to one of our premium plans, or if the program is paused!

Instructions for adding a link to the rewards popup to a site menu (for Shopify Users)

To add a new menu item, head into your Shopify admin, and click on the "Online Store" tab, and then the "Navigation" tab.  After that, you should see your menus (including your header menu).

Just click "Edit Menu" on the menu you want to add the link to, and then "Add Menu Item" on the left hand side of the screen.  In the "Name" field type what you want it to say (for example, "Rewards Program").

In the "Link" field, select "Web Address",and then in the box to the right of that, put "javascript:showSwellModal()" (just the part between the quotes).  That should put the link in the header!

Once the link is in the header, you can hide your Earn Rewards tab by setting the "position" field to "Hidden" in the Rewards Popup section of your Swell account by clicking on customize pop-up & tab.