Premium Feature: Product and Collection Exclusions

Swell Premium offers you additional customization of your account to meet your business' specific needs.

Among the Premium options are the ability to sync newsletter signups with Shopify, exclude certain Product IDs and Collection IDs from earning rewards, and exclude or include specific customers. 

Excluding Product IDs prevent certain products from being part of the rewards program while excluding Collection IDs prevents whole groups of products from being included in the program. You can find the Product IDs by going to your products specific page in Shopify. From there you can select the last number attached to the URL, which is your Product ID

A Collection ID is the number used to describe a larger group of products and can be found on the page representing all the products that fall within the collection. In this case, the highlighted number is the Collection ID while the last number in the URL is the Product ID.

The settings described in this article can be found and edited in the "Store Settings" portion of Swell.

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