Why does it say that no emails have been sent for the Points Reminder or Redemption Reminder emails?

This may be the case because by default setting, Swell only sends out redemption reminders and points reminders after one month. You can edit this setting under the "Email Notifications" section of Swell. From there, find the section for "Points Reminder (Customer)" and "Redemption Reminder (Customer)" and click the "Customize Email" link in the upper right corner of each box. 

Points Reminder and Redemption Reminder

Once you have selected the "Customize Email" button, you can edit the setting for how soon after the previous points based activity you want an email to send out.

Customize Email

Time after last points activity

After adjusting the setting, customers who's last action occurred prior to the edit being made will still receive their email notification a month after the action. All customers who earn points after the edit however, will be notified according to the new setting. 

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