Why isn’t the rewards tab appearing on my site?

There are several things that could be causing your rewards tab not to be visible on your sight. Luckily these are all easy fixes! The most common reason the rewards tab is not showing is that it has been hidden. This can be controlled in the "Rewards Popup" section of Swell. 

From there you, click on the blue icon "Customize Popup & Tab" which will lead you see the page below. From here in the drop down menu controlling the position of the tab on the bottom left of the screen, make sure your popup is not set to "Hidden." 

Another common issue is when people have paused their Swell accounts. To check for this, look in the upper left corner of your screen. If you have the "paused" link pictured below your Swell account has been temporarily turned off. 

Click on the link and then click "Yes" to un-pause Swell.

Another thing that could be hiding your rewards tab for Pro users specifically is customer exclusions. If your account happens to meet the requirements for a customer you have excluded from the rewards program, the rewards tab will be invisible to you. It will however be visible to all your intended customers.

If none of these issues are keeping your rewards tab from being visible contact our support team as it may be caused by an issue that requires our action to resolve.