Adjust a Customer's Points Balance

If you'd like to add or remove points from a customer's rewards account on a one-time basis, the easiest way to do so is to use our built-in Adjust Points Balance feature.

In the Customers section of your Swell account, simply search for and click on any customer's email address to pull up their account profile. Then, click on the Adjust Points Balance button in the bottom left hand corner:

Once the Adjustment screen is open, you'll see two fields to complete:

The Point Adjustment Amount is the number of points which you'd like to give (or take away from the customer). Simply enter in a positive number to add points to the account, and a negative number to deduct points.

In the Reason / History Entry, enter in a reason as to why you're changing the customer's points balance. Note that the customer will able to see this reason in their transaction history as well!