Customize the "Referred Customer Welcome" Popup

When somebody clicks on a unique referral link (from Twitter, Facebook, email, or anywhere else!), they'll be taken to your homepage, and the Referred Customer Welcome popup will automatically display as well. This article describes how to customize that popup to ensure you make a good first impression!

To edit the Referred Customer Welcome popup, head over to the Referral Program section of your Swell account, and select "Referred Customer Welcome" from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen:

Then, scroll down and click on the green Customize Popup button to begin editing.

Once you're in the editor screen, you can change every single aspect of the popup to fit your site. The editor menu on the left provides a number of useful options:

First and foremost, turning the "Popup Enabled?" field to On ensures that referred customers will be shown the popup when they land on the page! In addition, use the Width and Height bars to change the actual dimensions (in pixels) of the popup itself. Lastly, you can use the "Upload Image" button to put an image in the background of your Referred Customer Welcome popup. We certainly encourage this -- it really makes the popup stand out! Use the dimensions of the popup as a guide for just how large to make the image.

When setting up the Referred Customer Welcome popup, it's also very easy to change the text in the popup itself! To do so, simply click on the block of text you'd like to change, which will bring up a new editor menu:

In this editor menu, you can change virtually every aspect related to a given text box: font, font color, font size, font weight, and more.

Remember that you can also drag and resize each text box as well!