Changing Rewards Offered for Referrals

To set up any rewards you'd like to offer as part of your referral program, just click on the green "Customize Referral Program" button in the Referral Program section of your Swell account. Clicking on the button will bring up a menu where you can customize each component of the program:

In this menu, you'll have the option to reward the referrer (i.e. the person who sends out their unique referral link) and the referred customer (i.e. the one who clicks on a unique referral link) with either points, a coupon immediately, or nothing at all. Swell recommends rewarding the referrer with points, and the referred customer with a coupon directly.

There are a couple of important notes to keep in mind when changing the rewards associated with the referral program:

  • If you'd like to offer coupons directly, the only ones which will appear are the Direct Coupons in the Spending Points section of your Swell account! You can always use the Create a New Coupon button in the Spending Points section to create additional coupon options.
  • If you change the reward for the referred customer, you'll also need to update the default message in the Referred Customer Welcome popup. Here are some instructions as to how to update the Referred Customer Welcome popup:

In addition, you'll notice that when it comes to rewarding the referrer with points, there are a few options to choose from (in the "The amount of points the referrer earns is..." box). The following is a description of each of those options:

  • A fixed amount: the referrer simply earns a set number of points when the referred customer clicks on their unique referral link and makes a purchase.
  • Based on the amount spent by the referred customer: Provides the option to reward customers with points based on a percentage of the total size of the purchase made by the referred customer.
  • Based on the product purchased by the referred customer: Allows you to reward different amounts of points depending on which products are purchased! 
    • When using this option, just make sure to enter the appropriate Product ID, followed by a colon and the number of points you'd like to offer for that particular product (e.g. 12340938:100). 
    • Make sure to separate different products with a comma! For example, 12345678:100,23456789:200.
    • If you'd like to offer a special number of points for a few products and then a more standard amount for all other products, just use the "other" tag in place of the Product ID.