Use the Referral Program by Itself

Want to just use Swell for our powerful referral program? No problem!

There are a few simple steps you should take if you'd prefer not to use the other tools our platform offers. Please note that while you can use the Referral Program on Swell's Free plan, it is in fact best used alongside some of our Swell Premium features!

First, disable any active ways in which your customers can earn points.

By default when you install, we implement three ways on your site for customers to earn points, one of which is the referral program; we recommend that you disable the other two (& any other active campaigns). You can do this in the Earning Points section of your Swell account -- in each panel which describes how customers can earn points, simply click on the Pause button:

You may also click on the Delete button (which will appear once the Pause button is pressed), but you're not required to do so.

Second, make sure to disable any other items related to the rewards program which appear by default on the site.

In particular, the "rewards popup", which appears by default, should be hidden so as to not confuse customers.

In the Rewards Popup section of your Swell account, click "Customize" on the Current Popup, which will open an editor menu. In that menu, make sure to set both of the "Position" fields to Hidden. Don't forget to click on the Save button!

Great! Now we're ready to set up the referral program on a standalone basis.

In the Referral Program section of your Swell account, there are two additional popups which you should enable: the Share Referral Link popup and the Create Account / Login Form popup. 

The "Share Referral Link" pop-up settings control both itself and the "Create Account/Login Form" pop-up. The only difference between the two is that the "Share Referral Link" pop-up displays to  logged in users, while the "Create Account/Login Form" displays to logged out/new customers!

We would encourage you to customize all  4 Referral Program Popups as well! By clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing one of the popups, and then clicking on the Customize Popup button, you can upload an image, change text and fonts, and much more!

Then, set up your rewards for referral program participants. 

If you're simply using the referral program, you'll likely want to offer both the "referrer" (i.e. the one who sends the referral link) and the "referred customer" (i.e. the one who clicks on it) a coupon directly. To set up those coupons, you'll want to go to the Spending Points section of your Swell account and use Direct Coupons. If you see one that you'd like to use, then that's great -- if not, just click on the Create a New Coupon button to create the one that you'd like instead! 

Then, head back to the Referral Program section of your Swell admin and click on the "Customize Referral Program" button in the Referral Program section of your account to ensure each participant will receive the appropriate coupon.

And that's it! Referred customers will receive their coupon code immediately upon clicking on a unique referral link, and referrers will receive the Referrer Thank You email immediately after somebody successfully clicks on a code and makes a purchase.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Swell Premium

While our Free plan merchants are certainly able to use the referral program on a standalone basis, a few Swell Premium features allow you to increase the visibility of the referral program on your site!

In particular, Swell Premium users can add the following referral program items to their sites, all of which advertise the program on a more regular basis beyond the Share Referral Link popup:

  • Embedded referral link. Add the logged in customer's unique referral link (along with a message to share) wherever you'd like on the site. For example, many Swell Premium merchants add the customer's unique referral link to the Accounts page:

  • Embed Share Referral Link popup. Make sure that customers find out about the referral program at the exact right time. Embed the entire share referral link popup into the customer's account page, a post-checkout page, or somewhere else!

Swell Premium users can email for implementation instructions!