Deciding How Much Points Are Worth

We recommend setting the value of your points in the Spending Points section of your Swell account! In the Spending Points section, you have the option to choose how many points it costs for your customers to redeem their points for discounts back to your store.

When determining how much each discount should cost in points, we typically recommend beginning with how many points customers earn for each purchase. For example, let's say that each time a customer spends $1, they earn 10 points. That means that after they've spent $100, they'll have 1,000 points. They might earn points for some of the other "actions" you've set up in the Earning Points section of your account as well, but most of their points will be earned via purchases.

When setting up coupons in the Spending Points section of your account, you can change the "price" of each coupon by clicking on the Customize button in the appropriate coupon panel.

We recommend setting the value of each coupon with a target discount in mind. Using our prior example, where customers who spend $100 receive 1,000 points, let's say that you'd like to offer a 5% discount for customers participating in the program. You could then set up a series of coupons whereby somebody who spent $100 would be able to exchange their 1,000 points for a $5 discount code. So in the $5 discount panel in the Spending Points section, you'd click on the Customize button, and set the cost of the coupon to 1,000 points.

Not sure how much of a discount is right for your business? No problem! We recommend using the table below as a handy guide: