Offering Products as Redemption Options

As a Swell merchant, you have the option to reward your customers not only with discounts back to your store, but free products as well!

In just minutes, you can offer free products to your customers in exchange for their points. Note that you can also use these instructions to offer virtually anything you'd like -- giveaways, unique experiences, etc.! Here's how:

In the Spending Points section of your Swell account, click the Create a New Coupon button, and choose the "Custom" option from the dropdown menu.

Then, in the Name and Description sections, tell your customers exactly what they're going to be able to exchange their points for. The Name field should be a quick description of the product (no more than 20 - 30 characters), and the Description field can contain a lengthier description of the free product -- approximately 200 characters is usually about right. Here's some sample text you can use for the description field (just make sure to edit the description to include the product you're offering!):

Earn a Free Swell hat! To receive your free hat, please click on the Redeem button below and copy your discount code. Then, just add the hat to your cart, and paste in the discount code to receive your free hat!

Lastly, just make sure to choose how many points the product costs, click on the Add Coupon button, and you're all set! The free product will immediately appear as an option in your rewards popup.

Specific Instructions for Shopify Merchants

If you use Shopify to manage your online store, there's just one extra step required to create coupons which are only redeemable towards the free products which you'd like to offer.

In the Bulk Discounts app, click on the New Discount Set button. When designing your coupons, please follow the process outlined in our coupon creation video, with just one difference -- in the Discount Type section, make sure to specify that the coupon is only good towards particular products (or collections):

We recommend using the settings in the screenshot above, but you can tailor them based on exactly what you'd like to accomplish with your free product offering!