Why Is My Charge Different Than Last Month's?

Each month when it comes time to bill your account, we automatically determine how many orders your store has received in the prior 30 days, and then bill you accordingly. If your order volume changes significantly from one month to the next, our system will automatically make the appropriate change to your monthly charge.

For Example, each Swell plan has a cap to the number of orders in which it handles. If you exceed your maximum order number, you will be charged per additional order according to your plan. If on your next month, you do not exceed your order number, you will only be charged the base fee that you have subscribed for.

Plan Type Orders Per Month Price Per Additional Order
<100 orders per month
account will be locked at 100 until upgraded
Silver 200 per month $0.35/order after 200 orders
Gold 800 per month $0.20/order after 800 orders
Platinum 3500 per month $0.15/order after 3500 orders