How Does Swell's Pricing Plan Work?

Swell has five pricing plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise. The Bronze plan is Swell's free plan, and offers a customizable and versatile program to help build your eCommerce business. The premium plans of Swell (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise) offer a  host of powerful premium features designed to help you create a strong, highly customizable rewards program which is a beautiful extension of your brand. To accurately reflect how much value each store derives from the program, Swell's premium plans are priced based on how many orders your store receives each month.

Bronze Plan (Free Plan) 

If your store receives fewer than 100 orders per month, you're more than welcome to use Swell for free for as long as you'd like! Once you begin receiving more than 100 total orders per month, we'll ask you to upgrade to one of the premium Swell plans.

Silver Plan

The Swell Silver plan covers up to 200 orders per month for a monthly fee of $29. Any orders beyond that initial 200 will be charged $0.35/order. For example, a store receiving 300 orders per month would pay $29 + (100)*0.35, or $64. 

The Silver plan includes:

  • Access to Swell on the Shopify POS system
  • Ability to remove Swell logo from popup or page
  • New Premium Rewards Popups!
  • Integrations with our reviews partners - Yotpo Review,,
  • "Instagram Follow" campaign
  • Link to the “rewards popup” in a menu or a page
  • Embed the rewards popup in a page
  • Utilize Additional SDK features, such as including a points balance or referral link directly in a page
  • Sync newsletter signups directly with your email marketing provider of choice
  • Offer customers points for Instagram Follows
  • Exclude products and collections from earning points
  • Exclude or include customers with a particular “tag”

Gold Plan

The Swell Gold plan covers up to 800 orders per month for a monthly fee of $249. Any orders beyond the initial 800 will be charged $0.20/order. For example, a store receiving 1000 orders per month would pay $249 + (200)*0.20, or $289. 

The Gold plan includes all the features of the Silver plan, with the following additions:

  • Custom Actions. Our “Custom Actions”, or the ability to reward your customers for virtually anything, is the only feature currently available to all Premium merchants which we’re moving to a higher tier. However, because custom actions require a developer to send “notifications” to Swell automatically, we’ve found that this feature is best utilized by Gold-level merchants and higher regardless.
  • Our new "Rewards Page" feature! Which allows you to create a customized rewards page (no coding necessary) that lives on your Shopify store. This feature allows your to bring a seamless experience to your customers that is on brand with your store.
  • Our new "VIP Tiers" feature, which allows your to reward your most loyal customers accordingly. Engage your customers by offering special rewards as they progress into each tier.
  • Access to all our full email marketing integrations. Send program-related and event-related data directly through your Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Bronto, or Hubspot integrations. 
  • Priority Support. Whether in chat or via email, Gold merchants will enjoy faster response times than the rest of our merchants. In addition, phone support will be available exclusively to merchants on the Gold plan and above going forward.

Platinum Plan

The Swell Platinum plan covers up to 3,500 orders per month for a monthly fee of $699. Any orders beyond the initial 3,500 will be charged $0.15/order. For example, a store receiving 3,600 orders per month would pay $699 + (100)*.15, or $714. 

The Platinum plan includes all the features of the Gold plan, with the following additions:

  • Full Access to the JS SDK. Swell’s SDK allows merchants to place virtually any aspect of your program – popups, links, points balances, etc. – anywhere on your online store.
  • Program Consulting and Onboarding. Prior to program launch, our team of designers and developers will serve as a thought partner to design a customized program which fits your business perfectly given our experience with thousands of other stores.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews. To ensure that your store’s unique program is utilizing Swell’s latest features and identified best practices, members of the Swell team will schedule an appointment every 3 months to review your program’s progress and suggest changes.
  • Advanced Options for Customers to Earn Points. Our “Swell Scripts” option allows you to reward your customers for incredibly customized “actions” with multiple rules attached. Think something like “Give 10 points if the customer completes X action, but only if they’re Y type of customer”!

Enterprise Plan

For customers who require features beyond what the platinum plan offers, we offer an  Enterprise plan as well. Enterprise plan pricing will be worked out on a case by case basis and will include custom development, dedicated servers, SLAs, and more. The Enterprise plan is designed for merchants with approximately 15,000 orders per month or more.