What Features Does the "Swell Premium" Plan Have?

As a  Swell Premium user, you'll have access to a vast array of powerful features to take your program to the next level!

Here are 11 great features which are available exclusively to our Swell Premium merchants:

  1. Premium Rewards Popups. Use one of our newly designed rewards pop-ups to set yourself apart from other programs! 
  2. "Instagram Follow" campaign. Reward users for following your store on Instagram!
  3. "Yotpo Review" campaign. Reward your customers for leaving reviews about your store!
  4. Remove Swell branding. Make sure that customers focus on your brand, not ours. When you upgrade to Swell Pro, we'll automatically remove our branding from the rewards popup on your site.
  5. Access to Swell on the Shopify POS system. Swell’s POS integration allows you to create a rewards program that works seamlessly everywhere customers buy from you. Give your customers a reason to provide their email address in-store, gain deeper insights into where and when customers are buying from you, and more!
  6. Links to the Rewards Popup. Reduce clutter and keep your site's clean look by including a link to our rewards program in your header! The link removes the need for our rewards tab altogether. 
  7. Embedding of Points Balances and Referral links. Maximize program participation and create a more seamless experience for your customers by placing rewards and referral data in highly targeted sections of your site!
  8. Sync newsletter signups automatically. Save time and let Swell transfer new email signups to your email marketing provider of choice automatically!
  9. Exit Intent Popup. Use the "exit intent" feature to create an incentive for a departing visitor to provide their email so that you can continue to keep them informed about your store -- and eventually bring them back to purchase!
  10. Exclude particular products from earning points. Want to exclude low-margin items or gift cards? Swell Pro users can do just that in seconds!
  11. Limit the program to particular customer groups. A great option for excluding certain groups (e.g. wholesalers), or making the program specific to VIP customers!