Can Swell Help Me Setup My Program?

As much as we would love to provide personal, detailed advice to every single one of our merchants, it’s simply not possible to do so on a complimentary basis! 

Instead, for merchants who would like one-on-one help with program setup, a member of our team is always happy to provide program consulting services at a rate of $150/hour. We can help with the following tasks as part of our consulting services:

  1. Walking you through how to determine how much your store's points should be worth
  2. Explaining in extensive detail particular aspects of the Swell platform
  3. Advising on how the Swell program appears on your store
  4. Much more!

Consulting services have a 1-hour minimum, and are billed by the minute after the first hour. 

And if you're just interested in some high-quality free advice instead, please make sure to  check out our blog! In particular, our post on rewards program best practices is helpful as you're getting started.