Setting Up VIP Tiers

Swell's VIP Tiers feature is designed to help merchants reward their best customers and encourage them to become more and more valuable to your store. In order for VIP Tiers to be most beneficial to your store, we believe its important to have full control over all the settings in the program to get the most out of your tiers. Here's how your can go about setting up your tiers.

Start by clicking the "VIP Tiers" section in the left hand menu of your Swell Admin. From there under the "VIP Tiers Enabled" dropdown menu, enable your VIP tiers. 

Next, go ahead and set the period of time in which customers must earn a certain status. For example, whether a customer must spend $100 per year to earn Gold status at your store, or $100 in their lifetime to earn Gold Status. 

Finally select your Tier Start Date.

Once you've completed your "Global VIP Tier Settings", go ahead and click "Add a Tier". From there you'll be able to name your tier and designate your tier requirements and Points earned multiplier. 

You have the ability to create as many tiers as you see fit for your program!