How Do I Use My Own Font On My Rewards Page?

One of the most important aspects of the rewards page is that it's a seamless representation of your brand. To that end, we understand how critical it is for each part of your rewards page to match the rest of the pages on your site, including fonts.

If you don't see the font type you'd like when selecting from the dropdown menu in the Fonts section of the Rewards Page editor, you can type in your own font manually.

In the font selector screen, simply click inside the text box, press the "Delete" button, and type in the font name you'd like:

Please note that when typing in your own font, it's important that the typed font matches the name of the font on your site precisely. 

To check for the exact font name on your site, we would recommend Inspecting the HTML on the page and copying the precise font name from there. The following is a quick walkthrough of how to Inspect the page in the Chrome browser:

On your website, find the font you'd like to copy the name of, and hover your mouse over the text (the cursor should appear instead of a pointer arrow). Then, right click (or Control + Click on Mac), and select "Inspect". When you do, you'll see a toolbar with some code appear:

Once your browser looks like the screenshot above, click on the "Computed" tab, which is in the box on the right-hand side of the screen. In the Computed tab, scroll down to the "font-family" section and expand it to view the full name of the font:

In the example above, we would type Roboto Condensed into the panel in our Swell account (note that "sans-serif" is not required)!