Get Started with the Rewards Page

For merchants looking to truly create a rewards program which is a beautiful extension of the rest of their brand, the Rewards Page is certainly what we would recommend. With just a few minutes of setup required, the rewards page ensures that customers perceive your rewards program as yet another high-quality aspect of your site -- not merely an add-on. 

Setting up the Rewards Page takes just a few minutes.

In your Swell account, look for the Rewards Page option on the left-hand side of the screen. When you click on the Rewards Page for the first time, you'll have the option to select from one of five pre-designed themes (for those of you who are a bit less artistically inclined!), or start your own design from scratch:

Once you've selected a theme by clicking on "Create", you'll be exposed to all of the options you have to edit your page to make it your own. Click "Customize" on the floating menu in the top right corner of your preview page to view your edit options.

Once you've completed your edits, click "Publish" from that floating menu we discussed earlier. This will prompt a modal where you'll be selecting where your page gets published and naming it. We typically suggest naming your template rewards, you can name your page anything you'd like! 

Once you've completed this step, your page is officially live on your store! Woo! However, it will only be accessible to customers if they know the direct URL to the page. So the next step would be to add this page to your Navigation in Shopify. Once you've done that you're all set :)

Important Note: If you make any text or function changes to your Earning Points campaigns or Spending Points coupons, be sure to re-publish your Rewards Page to reflect this on your live site