Can I Give Credit for Prior Purchases?

Absolutely! Our procedure for giving credit for prior purchases depends on whether you'd like to update a few customers on your own, or whether you'd like to perform what we call a "bulk update".

I Just Want to Update a Few Customers

If you have fewer than 10 customers to give credit to, we would suggest doing so manually. In the Customers section of your Swell account, simply click on the appropriate customer's email address, and then use the Adjust Points Balance button to manually award the points:

You can enter in the number of points you'd like to give the customer, as well as the reason that you're giving them the points (e.g. "Thanks for your prior purchases!").

I Have a Lot of Customers That I'd Like to Update at Once

If you have more than 10 customers to update, please send an email to with a spreadsheet that contains three fields (i.e. columns):

  1. The customer's email address
  2. The number of points you'd like to give each customer
  3. The reason you're giving the customer the points

We can usually get those bulk uploads completed within 24 hours!