What are the 4 Popups in the Referral Program

In the "Referral Program" section of Swell, you'll notice a dropdown menu at the top-center of your screen. This dropdown menu will present you with the four possible popups in the Referral Program. For each of the popups you'll have full reign over customization by clicking on the "Customize Popup" button, including the ability to upload a background image. 

In this article, we'll walk through the function of each popup and when each will appear. 

Referred Customer Welcome:

The Referred Customer Welcome popup will be enabled by default and will appear for any customers who arrive at your site by clicking on a referral link. Customers will be presented with their coupon code or points (depending on your settings in Swell). 

As a note, until you've uploaded coupon codes for the designated "referred customer" reward in the "Spending Points" section of Swell, any customer viewing the Referred Customer Welcome popup would see "PENDING" where the text reads "CODE WILL SHOW HERE" below. Once those coupon codes are uploaded, your popup will display them to your sites visitors.

Share Referral Link:

The Share Referral Link popup can be set to appear and encourages your customers to refer their friends. It contains each customer's unique referral link and social share links as well. 

Please not that when the Share Referral Link popup is enabled, the Create Account/Log In Form #1 popup will automatically be enabled as well, and vice versa. When a customer is logged into their account, the Share Referral Link popup will appear (when turned on) and when the customer is not logged into an account the Create Account/Log In Form #1 will appear. 

Create Account/Login Form #1:

The Create Account/Login Form #1 appears to customers who are not currently logged into their accounts or do not currently have accounts with your store. It informs customers about the referral program and encourages them to create an account and begin making referrals.

Share Referral Link via Email:

The Share Referral Link via Email popup triggers from the Share Referral Link popup. When a customer clicks the "email icon" on the Share Referral Link popup, the Share Referral Link via Email popup will appear automatically, prompting customers to enter email addresses of friends they'd like to tell about your store.

To turn off the Referred Customer Welcome popup and Share Referral Link Popup (and the Create Account/Login Form #1 popup by extension), select the appropriate popup from the dropdown menu and click the "Customize Popup" button.

You'll then see the option flip off your popup just below the text "Popup Enabled?"