Instagram Follow Campaign Instructions

Instagram has rapidly grown into one of the most popular social media platforms, and building a strong Instagram presence could be crucial to your store, especially if you target a younger demographic. Swell's "Instagram Follow" campaign allows you to reward customers for following you on Instagram. This will help you expand your outreach and maximize the number of your customers who keep up with your brand on the social media platform.

To set up the "Instagram Follow" campaign, go to the "Earning Points" section of Swell and click the "Start a New Campaign" button at the center of your screen.

From there, you'll see a matrix of campaigns available for you to set up at the click of a button. Locate the "Instagram Follow" campaign and "select" it.

You'll see a new menu appear that provides you with all of the options to customize your "Instagram Follow" campaign. 

You'll be able to customize "Reward Amount", the "Title" of the campaign, and the "Reward Text" among several other options.

One setting we often get questions about is "Automated Action Verification". This setting will go into Instagram for your customer and complete the action of "following" you without the customer having to do anything beyond clicking through your rewards popup or page. 

Merchants looking to use this "Automated Action Verification" setting should contact us via our in app chat or via email at,