Why aren't my coupon codes uploading?

This is an issue we see our merchants run into frequently. I recommend first checking out  this video that walks you through uploading coupons in bulk!

The most common cause for this problem is that a merchant hasn't yet uploaded coupon codes for a campaign that is already active. In these cases customers will have already completed the campaigns and earned coupons, and so when the Merchant attempts to upload a small number of coupon codes at a time, those codes will immediately be sent to the customer. The "Coupons Redeemed" number you see below will increase, but the "Coupon Codes Available" number will not. 

If you do want to upload a single coupon code that can be used multiple times, be sure to set a single code to be used unlimited times before you upload the code. To do that, click "Customize" on the coupon you're interested in, and from the "How many times can a single coupon be used?" drop down menu, select "Unlimited"