Why Does Clicking on the Email Share Button Lead to a Blank Page?

When testing the referral program, you may find that if you click on the email icon which referrers can use to share their unique referral links, you simply see a blank page as opposed to an email window.

A blank screen is the result of not having a default email client enabled on your computer. A default email client is simply a setting which tells your computer which email program to open (e.g. Outlook) when you click on a particular type of link.

When we designed the referral program, we wanted the emails which your customers send to share their referral links to look and feel as natural as possible; if referral link share emails come directly from the customer's email address, there's a better chance that the recipient will open the email and click on the link inside!

However, since releasing the referral program, we've realized that some computers simply do not come with default email clients enabled. In order to minimize confusion, we are planning on changing the referral program so that all referral program-related emails will be sent by Swell instead (on your behalf). Not only will this change eliminate the "blank screen" issue, but it will also allow for better tracking of referral program-related actions as well (e.g. how many people shared their referral link via email)!